Scotland’s Famous Venom Drink [Tips & Recipes]

Venom Drink Cocktail

What Is Scotland’s Famous Venom Drink?

The Glasgow Venom cocktail is a classic Scottish drink. Venoms are arguably the most popular cocktail in Scotland. So popular that when Scottish student Kieran Dewar created a can of Venom and put it on the market, it sold out within 45 minutes!

This bright cocktail is a luminous green colour and looks great in the glass. It makes anyone who doesn’t know what it is turning their heads and ask around about what it could be. Next thing we know, we’ve got the bar lined up with people asking “What’s that green drink” or telling us “I’ll have whatever that is!” People are drawn to the drink from the infamous yellow-green colour, and the taste doesn’t disappoint – it’s just as delightful!

The colour magic happens when the orange juice starts mixing into the blue colour from the Blue WKD/VK.

Venom Cocktail Ingredients

  • 25ml Shot Vodka – a neutral, colourless spirit
  • 25ml Shot Southern Comfort – a naturally fruit-flavoured whisky liqueur
  • 275ml Bottle of Blue WKD/VK – vodka mix with a mild mixed fruit flavour
  • Fresh Orange Juice – fruity and sweet
  • Ice – to chill your drink

How To Make Scotland’s Venom Cocktail

Venom cocktails are one of our most popular cocktails so we know our stuff! If you’re interested in making a Venom cocktail yourself, here is the recipe to help you out:

  1. Fill a pint glass with some ice
  2. Add a 25ml shot of your favourite vodka
  3. Add 25ml shot of Southern Comfort.
  4. Pour a 275ml bottle of Blue WKD/VK into the glass
  5. Top off the drink with orange juice and watch the colour satisfyingly turn from blue to a bright luminous green


venom drink scotland

Scotland’s Venom Drink Variations

Venom is a popular drink in Glasgow and across Scotland. There are many variations of Venom cocktails. You can experiment with it too and find your favourite way to drink it.

You can get a Venom in a pint glass, a fishbowl, a slushy or even as a shot in some places!

For example, some people will tell you that the original Venom recipe should be made with triple sec and Southern Comfort rather than Vodka and Southern Comfort. This variation doesn’t make much of a difference as the Vodka and orange juice will replicate the triple sec anyway.

Just one of the many variations is known as a Pink Gin Venom – now even this variation has variations! There is no one recipe that every bar/club goes by. We would make it with a 25ml shot of Gordon’s Pink Gin, a 25ml shot of Smirnoff Vodka, a 275ml bottle of Strawberry WKD/VK and a mix with lemonade.

Venom Cocktail’s Unique taste

Comprising a blend of flavours, this sweet yet savoury cocktail is extremely popular across Scotland, particularly in Glasgow. Venoms are strong, and not too sweet, making it a refreshing heavy hitter.

An interesting thing about the Venom drink is that it leaves an aftertaste for you to savour. What’s even more interesting is that the venom drink recipe is so simple, you can easily make it at home and enjoy this fresh and potent drink.

Venom is the most popular drink in Scotland. Venom drinks are in demand pretty much all the time, on all occasions. But the best place in Scotland to enjoy a Venom drink is with us at Club Tropicana & Venga!

Who Invented The Venom Cocktail?

Much like many mysteries of the world, the truth is out there. Someone somewhere knows something. Everyone and their auntie could have their own variation they believe to be their own invention. However, the original creator of the recipe of these delicious Venom cocktails is unknown.

Venom Cocktail Glasgow

Where can you find a good Venom drink in Glasgow? Club Tropicana & Venga! Venoms are one of our most popular drinks. As soon as someone orders a Venom at the bar and other customers see the glass filled with the delicious recipe, they get FOMO and decide to order one for themselves!

We do Venoms in a pint glass, or in a fishbowl for you and your friends to enjoy together! We even do a Venom Table Package, with which you’ll have your own private booth for the night along with all the alcohol and ingredients you’ll need to make up your own Venoms all night long! Keep reading for all the details about our Venom Package.

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Our Venom Drink Package Includes

The package includes a 70cl bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, a 70cl bottle of Southern Comfort, 10 Blue WKD/VKs and a jug of orange juice as the mixer. With these ingredients, it’s easy to pour your perfect Venom, to your individual taste and preferred strength. Whether you prefer it less strong to help you last longer throughout the night, or you want a refreshing heavy hitter. Glasses, ice, napkins and straws will also be provided to facilitate your drinks.

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